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Why You Should Masturbate With Your Partner

For some people, nothing beats sex, and it's the best thing ever. But others may argue that some self-love and gratification, or masturbation, is simply heavenly, as pleasing yourself just the way you want and enjoy can be immeasurably satisfying.

But if you and your partner are wanting to find new ways to connect sexually, then there are many different types of sex than just penetrative intercourse. Taking time to masturbate together can be a great way to amp up your steamy romps, as well as find ways to grow closer. Here’s why:


  1. Great communication

Masturbating together is a great way to show your partner what exactly makes you climax with pleasure. On the whole, people tend not to understand what exactly their partner likes. So an upfront show will work well.


  1. Comfortableness

By masturbating together, you will both become even more comfortable talking about sex. Talking about what makes you feel good will bridge the gap about sex between you and your partner.


  1. Tiredness

Sex requires a lot of physical exertion and if you are not feeling up to it, masturbating can be a great option. It doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion, you only have to feel the pleasure and move your hands.


  1. Sex, sex and more sex!

Masturbation is sexy, hot, and steamy, and it will initiate feelings of sex that will make the whole experience a whole lot fun. Sexual feelings and desire will increase and you may feel even hornier when masturbating.


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