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Safety Information


Your safety is our priority. When using Our Goods, basic safety precautions should always be followed. You will be asked to confirm you have read and agree to strictly follow and comply with this Safety Use Notice before you can complete the order process.

If you do not agree to comply with and be bound by Our Terms & Conditions and Safety Use Notice, you will not be able to order Goods through Our Site.


1.1. In this Safety Use Notice, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions have the following meanings:

“Goods” means all goods sold by Us through Our Site.

“Electrical Goods” means the electrically operated goods sold by Us through Our Site. This includes but is not limited to: The Batty One, The Cocky One, The Cheeky One, The Perky One, The Mini One, The Little One, The Big One, The Small One, The Tiny One, The Ribbed One, The Smooth One, The Wild One, The Unforgettable One, The Rumbly One, The Sensual One;

“Other Goods” means all other goods other than Electrical Goods sold by Us through Our Site;

“Our Site” means which is owned and managed by Kandid London Limited

“We/Us/Our” means Kandid London Limited, a company registered in England under 11694880, whose registered address is 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX

1.2. You can contact Us at any time using the following methods:

1.2.1. Complete an online support request here;

1.2.2. Telephone: 0808 196 0980 (freephone);

1.2.3. Email:;

1.2.4. Post: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX.


2.1. When using Electrical Goods, basic safety information should always be followed. ALWAYS operate Electrical Goods in accordance with the instructions set out in following sub-clause 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 and 2.6.

2.2. In order to reduce the risk of dangerous electric shocks, injury, fire, burns or electrocution:

2.2.1. DO NOT place or store Electrical Goods or the corresponding chargers in any liquid (other than water in accordance with these instructions);

2.2.2. DO NOT use any Electrical Goods while they are being charged;

2.2.3. DO NOT charge any Electrical Goods whilst they are in, or near to, water or any other liquid;

2.2.4. DO NOT use a power adaptor or charging cable other than one included with the Electrical Goods purchased from Us. If a replacement is needed, please Contact Us;

2.2.5. DO NOT plug the charger into an incorrect voltage source outlet. For the correct voltage specifications refer to the wall plug label;

2.2.6. DO NOT use with voltage converters and plug adaptors;

2.2.7. DO NOT force the charger into an electrical outlet;

2.2.8. DO NOT use the charger if the charger or its wire is damaged in any way;

2.2.9. DO NOT attach any Electrical Goods to corresponding chargers when they are wet, the charger is wet, or your hands are wet;

2.2.10. ALWAYS unplug Electrical Goods from the charger before cleaning (in accordance with these instructions);

2.2.11. ALWAYS ensure that Electrical Goods are dry before connecting them to their corresponding chargers and plugging the charger into an electrical outlet;

2.2.12. ALWAYS connect the charger to a properly grounded electrical outlet;

2.2.13. DO NOT charge any Electrical Goods outdoors;

2.2.14. DO NOT operate or charge Electrical Goods where aerosol products are being used, or where oxygen is being administered;

2.2.15. Whilst some of our Electrical Goods are water resistant and are capable of safe use both in the bath or shower, they should not be submerged for prolonged periods of time and should be dried completely after such use;

2.2.16. DO NOT use Electrical Goods in water of extreme temperature (hot or cold).

2.3. In order to reduce the risk of dangerous electric shocks, injury, fire, burns or electrocution:

2.3.1. ONLY use Electrical Goods in accordance with the instruction manuals provided by Us in the box each of our Electrical Goods are packed in;

2.3.2. DO NOT use Electrical Goods with accessories that are not recommended by Us;

2.3.3. DO NOT attempt to dismantle or otherwise tamper with Electrical Goods, their charger or any other components. Doing so may result in injury and invalidate your warranty;

2.3.4. DO NOT use the charger if the main cord or power supply is damaged, or if the Electrical Goods are not functioning properly;

2.3.5. NEVER operate Electrical Goods if it or any of its components have been dropped, damaged, or are not working in any way (if you encounter any problems, please Contact Us);

2.3.6. DO NOT dispose of any Electrical Goods or any of its components in a fire;

2.3.7. Keep Electrical Goods and their chargers and charger cords away from heated surfaces;

2.3.8. TAKE EXTRA caution when handling Electrical Goods with magnetic charging connectors as the metal connectors are exposed;

2.3.9. DO NOT use the adaptor or charging cable supplied with your Electrical Goods with any other equipment;

2.3.10. The adaptor or charging cable may become hot during use – take care when handling, allowing heat to disperse;

2.3.11. DO NOT cover your Electrical Goods while they are charging, as they may get hot.

2.4. In order to reduce the risk of dangerous electric shocks, injury, fire, burns or electrocution:

2.4.1. KEEP away from children. Our Electrical Goods are not children’s toys;

2.4.2. NEVER attempt to remove the silicone cover/fascia on Electrical Goods;

2.4.3. NEVER operate Electrical Goods without properly fitted and undamaged silicone cover/fascia;

2.4.4. DO NOT operate Electrical Goods if the outer layer of silicone has been damaged;

2.4.5. DO NOT drop Electrical Goods. This could cause irreparable damage and may invalidate warranty;

2.4.6. ALWAYS attach the adaptor or charging cable to Electrical Goods before attaching them to the power outlet. To disconnect, turn the socket off, remove the plug from the outlet, and then disconnect the charger from the Electrical Goods;

2.4.7. ALWAYS dispose of Electrical Goods, the charger and used batteries properly. See clause 5 below for instructions on correct and safe disposal under our Electronic recycling scheme. If in doubt, Contact Us;

2.4.8. DO NOT incinerate Electrical Goods. Batteries may explode if overheated. DO NOT wrap them in paper before discarding;

2.4.9. DO NOT disassemble, crush or puncture the battery, or allow metal objects to contact the battery terminals;

2.4.10. ALWAYS unplug the adaptor or charging cable from the electrical outlet when not in use

2.4.11. DO NOT place your finger or any other part of your body between Electrical Goods and the charger when it is plugged into an electrical outlet;

2.4.12. DO NOT at any time place Electrical Goods or the adaptor or charging cable in a dishwasher, washing machine or boiling water;

2.4.13. DO NOT operate Electrical Goods under a blanket or pillow or other protective layers to prevent the risk of excessive heating and possible fire, electric shock or injury to persons;

2.4.14. DO NOT leave Electrical Goods unattended on any surface while it is operating;

2.4.15. DO NOT use Electrical Goods for any other purpose other than is described in this safety manual.

2.5. ALWAYS exercise caution when using, charging and storing Electrical Goods.

2.6. READ the relevant safety information as advised by Electrical Safety First Organisation in regard to using and charging Electrical Goods.


3.1. None of Our Goods are medical devices. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of Our Goods.

3.2. When using Our Goods, medical considerations should be adhered to. ALWAYS operate and use Our Goods in accordance with the considerations set out in following sub-clause 3.3.

3.3. In order to avoid the risk of injury or aggregation of pre-existing medical conditions:

3.3.1. DO NOT use Our Goods in or on body areas other than where it is meant to be used for body massage, intimate stimulation of or lubrication of erogenous zones as advised for each of our Goods;

3.3.2. CONSULT a doctor or medical professional BEFORE using Our Goods if you have an implanted device, such as a pacemaker or if any surgical intervention has been carried out on any relevant body parts;

3.3.3. DO NOT share any of Our Goods (whether electrical or not) with anyone else, as it is important to note that pathogens can be transmitted between people sharing products;

3.3.4. DO NOT use Our Goods if you encounter any discomfort before, during or after use;

3.3.5. DO NOT use Our Goods as a substitute for medical attention;

3.3.6. DO NOT massage Our Goods on a single area for more than 15 minutes;

3.3.7. DO NOT use Our Goods on swollen or inflamed areas of the body or skin lacerations;

3.3.8. DO NOT massage or use Our goods on: Any part of the body if it is painful; Your abdomen if you are pregnant; The upper neck area near the base of the skull.

3.3.9. AVOID contact of Our Goods with the eye or eyelid;

3.3.10. DO NOT use Our Goods on sensitive skin areas or in the presence of poor circulation;

3.3.11. Our Goods are not intended for use by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of Our Goods (including Clause 1: Electrical Safety Information) by a person responsible for their safety.

3.3.12. ALWAYS clean your Goods in accordance with our advice to reduce the risk of infections;

3.3.13. CONSULT a doctor or healthcare professional if you have concerns regarding your health BEFORE using any of Our Goods.


4.1. The lifespan of your Goods will be greatly increased with proper cleaning and storage. Failure to follow these steps may invalidate your warranty.

4.2. In order to safely use your Goods:

4.2.1. ONLY use a premium water-based solution with Our Electrical Goods and/or Other Goods, such as The Silky One;

4.2.2. DO NOT use silicone-based lubricants with Our Electrical Goods and/or Other Goods as this can permanently damage silicone material;

4.2.3. NEVER use massage oils or hand creams or lotions as lubricants for intimate areas;

4.3. In order to safely clean your Goods:

4.3.1. ALWAYS clean your Goods thoroughly before and after each use. To clean, use a dedicated adult toy cleanser such as The Essential One by Kandid. If this isn’t available, use warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse with clean warm water and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel;

4.3.2. DO NOT use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol or acetone;

4.3.3. DO NOT place Goods directly into boiling water.

4.4. In order to safely store your Goods when not in use:

4.4.1. DO NOT leave Goods in direct sunlight and DO NOT expose to extreme heat (temperatures above 167°F/75°C);

4.4.2. STORE your Goods in the cotton bag provided by Us with your Goods when not in use.

4.5. Some of our Goods require additional use, cleaning and storage steps:

4.5.1. The Jiggly One ALWAYS disassemble and clean each part of your kegel ball set BEFORE and AFTER each use (silicone girdle and weighted balls)

4.5.2. The Naughty One AND The Kinky One ALWAYS clean leather-based goods with specialist leather cleaner that does not strip the leather of natural oils. We recommend that you purchase this from an appropriate retailer. This leather cleaner should be applied to the product with a damp sponge and dried with a clean towel or soft tissue;

4.5.3. The Cocky One CLEANING THE SILICONE INNER SLEEVE BEFORE AND AFTER USE. Remove the sleeve from the cup, taking care to gently remove the bullet vibrator and connected cable from the sleeve. Rinse the sleeve several times in warm water before using a dedicated adult toy cleanser such as the Essential One by Kandid. DO NOT fully invert the sleeve, as this will cause damage to the silicone. Rinse off the adult toy cleanser and dry the sleeve with a dry, clean cloth before reassembling the sleeve and cup. LUBRICATING THE PRODUCT DURING USE. Lubricate yourself, the sleeve entry and internal canal of the sleeve using a premium water-based solution, such as the Silky One by Kandid. KEEPING YOUR PRODUCT LIKE-NEW BEFORE STORAGE. We recommend using renewing powder to renew and restore your sleeve to its original softness after each use. This can be purchased on Our Site. Generously distribute the powder, ensuring the sleeve is completely coated by a thin layer of powder both inside and out.


5.1. This is relevant for Electrical Goods only.

5.2. The crossed-out dustbin symbol indicates that Electrical Goods should NOT be treated as household waste, but rather be taken to the appropriate collection point for recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

5.3. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requires EU Member States to maximise separate collection and environmentally friendly processing of WEEE. In the UK, distributors (including retailers) are required to provide a system which allows all customers buying new electrical equipment the opportunity to recycle their old items free of charge.

5.4. As a responsible retailer, we have met the requirements placed on us by financially supporting the national network of WEEE recycling centres established by local authorities. This is achieved through membership of the national Distributor Take-back scheme (DTS). To find more information on WEEE recycling and to locate your nearest recycling centre please visit the Recycle More website. You can read more about the steps you need to take to recycle your old Electrical Goods by visiting our Recycling Information page.


6.1. Users of Our Goods do so at their own risk. Neither Us or Our retailers assume any responsibility or liability for the way in which Our Goods are used.


7.1. We may change this Safety Use Notice from time to time. This may be necessary, for example, if the law changes, or if we change our business in a way that affects safety use information.

7.2. Any changes will be immediately posted on this page and you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Safety Use on your first use of Our Site following the alterations. We are under no obligation to inform you of such revisions or changes directly. Therefore, We recommend that you check this page regularly to keep up-to-date.

7.3. This Safety Use Notice was last updated on 26 February 2020.

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