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Can Humans Have Sex In Space?

Of the many challenges faced by space travel experts, if humans are to travels on longer space missions in the future, is sex in space.

Far from it being the next step in the ‘Mile High Club’, space exploration experts believe that sex in space will play a major role in our exploration of the solar system and beyond. But without gravity, how will it work?

According to NASA, no human has yet had sex in space, but studies of astronauts have revealed that there are issues such as a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction that could impact space explorers, as the weightlessness of space can cause hormonal changes that can affect the sex drive.

Aside from the physiological issues, a lack of gravity means that there is little stopping your partner from floating away from you!

However, there have been some interesting theories on how a close encounter of the sexy kind could be managed.

In the book 'Höllenritt durch Raum und Zeit (A hell ride through time and space)’, by German astronaut Ulrich Walter, it is suggested that humans could have sex without driving away from each other by having sex like a dolphin,

In the ocean, two dolphins will enlist the help of a third dolphin, who helps hold them together while they get it on, and Walter suggests humans could do that same.

However, for those who find arranging a threesome on terra firma a challenge, Nasa bioethicist Paul Root Wolpe has suggested that Velcro could be a solution.

Everything on the walls of the space station is covered in Velcro, so you could take advantage of that by velcroing one partner to the wall,” he said

Meanwhile, Simon Dubé, a PhD candidate in Psychology specializing in human sexuality, sex tech, and Erobotics, has suggested that sex robots could be useful on long space voyages, providing companionship and sexual pleasure to crew members and terraforming settlers.

Will sex in space boldly go where no one has gone before, and find the final frontier?

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