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Spring Into Action With A Not-So Fluffy Rabbit

It may be hard to believe after all these storms, but spring is nearly upon us, promising better days ahead of warmth, sunshine, flowers, chocolate eggs and cute baby animals.

However, while the young and innocent will marvel at spring lambs and ducklings without thinking of mint sauce or plum sauce, others will enjoy the sight of lolloping fluffy bunnies without realising there is more than one kind of rabbit around.

Of course, one doesn’t need to buy a rabbit sex toy to know not all bunnies are equal, but it certainly helps.

While to some the realisation that’s it’ not just about fluffy tails and big ears may come from watching the intensely dark, psychedelic gore-fest that is the original 1970s version of Watership Down, others will know that a true coming of age is not found in animated depictions of nature red in tooth and claw, but of another sort of rabbit digging its way into your burrow.

Given its capacity to go as deep as any real-life lagomorph while hitting the sweet spot with an appendage that twitches faster than any furry nose, this is where some will find their greatest fun this spring, not to mention in any other season of the year.

Of course, unlike some rabbit adventures it will take more than a Fiver to set things off, but it will provide lots of value, with endless fun of a kind that only a real life rabbit doing what rabbits do best would appreciate - only without the reproductive consequences.

So, yes, spring is coming: Some will be thinking of the Easter bunny and others will be keen to get outdoors as the days get longer and lighter. But there will still be plenty of good reasons to look forward to times indoors when it’s dark. That’s when the really special rabbit comes out to play.

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