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Is Sex Good For Your Skin?

We often talk about the wonderful feeling you get in the afterglow just after you orgasm after a fantastic session, but did you know that it can help keep your skin glowing too?

Of course, few of us are thinking about our skincare routines or the release of hormones when we are in the moment, but it is always nice to know that something so pleasurable is good for us in so many different ways.

The best part about this is that no matter who you are and who you are with you can feel these benefits.

Whether you buy a vibrator or are enjoying a particularly intense moment with someone else, sex is good for you, particularly clitoral stimulation and the orgasmic moment before ejaculation, which releases nitric oxide and oxytocin.

The first way in which this is the case is that sex can lower levels of cortisol, which depending on your skin type can cause breakouts, oily skin and conditions such as dermatitis.

For those who believe in the benefits of post-orgasm clarity, there is research that backs this up, with a study suggesting that people who recently had sex had lower blood pressure in stressful situations and were able to respond better.

As well as this, it has the beneficial effects of exercise, especially when it is particularly vigorous, with the boost of blood circulation promoting collagen development, new skin cells and an increase in levels of the hormone DHEA.

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone that may be linked to the shiny, glowing look you see after climax, with shiny hair, glowing skin and bright sparkles in the eyes.

Finally, there is the surprising benefits of a common side effect of sex: sweat. Sweat also boosts blood circulation and can have an antimicrobial cleansing effect that reduces spots.

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