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Masturbation Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you admit it out loud or not, we masturbate because it feels good. Enjoying a bit of solo play can feel great and help heighten your sense of pleasure. But did you know that there are some health benefits to masturbation?

No matter if you’re in a relationship or exploring autosexuality, masturbation can help to relieve stress, boost your sleep, and release built-up sexual tension. But after years of self-love and hands-on experience, the benefits of solo play can stop your pleasure meter from soaring. We have a look at some common masturbation mistakes made by both men and women.


Not setting the mood

The aim of masturbating is to seek pleasure and enjoy yourself, but this can only really be achieved when you set the mood before engaging in solo play. Just like partnered sex, take your time to plan and set the mood to really reach the pinnacle of pleasure. Turn off the lights, light a candle, watch or listen to some erotica, relax, and enjoy yourself.


Not experimenting with position

We all have a ‘go-to’ position for masturbating, but sticking to a routine can make masturbation feel a little, well, routine. Experiment and try out different positions, and different places. Try standing, leaning, or sitting up to see how it feels.


Rushing into the climax

Masturbation is not solely about reaching climax, it is about enjoying the entire session. Slow down, and take time to explore what makes you feel good. Try chasing hands, using different toys, or using toys on a different setting. You never know what you might discover!


The wrong idea about sex toys

If you truly want to enjoy your solo session, get a sex toy. There are several toys available in the market that can add loads of fun to a solo session. Vibrators, lubes, automatic strokers, prostate stimulators, dildos and others, there are so many options to experiment with.


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