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What Is Sploshing? Understanding A Wet And Messy Fetish

It goes without saying that for most people, sex is all about getting wet and messy together, with the differences being more in the details than anything else.

For some, getting wet is all about lubrication, whether that takes the form of lotions, gels or a lot of bodily fluids released with the help of hands, fingers or toys.

However, for members of the sploshing community, getting wet and messy is far more literal, and is one of the few fetishes that can often be seen on television, although how intentional this is a matter of interpretation.

Sploshing is a fetish that inspires a range of reactions as broad and varied as the cakes, custards and gunges that are employed, has a huge and fascinatingly broad history, and has very different appeals for people who do it and people who watch it.

What Actually Is Sploshing?

Sploshing, also known as Wet and Messy (WAM), is a fetish that revolves around wet and messy substances being sprayed, poured, splashed or smeared onto someone.

What is quite unique about sploshing is that it is exceptionally broad in scope, and outside of the generally agreed rule that bodily fluids are not a part of WAM, almost everything else is within the scope of the fetish.

The name itself comes from one of the preeminent publications for the fetish, Splosh! Magazine, which from 1989 until 2001 was the centre of the entire WAM subculture.

It can include whipped cream, cakes, pies, custard, baked beans, ice cream, sauces, porridge oats and essentially anything that is slimy, colourful and would leave an obvious mess. Paints, lotions, oil, shaving foam and other non-food items are often seen in sploshing too.

Gunge, in particular, is very popular because of its bright colours and whilst the connection between the rise of sploshing and the rise of gunge tanks on mainstream television shows such as Noel’s House Party is unlikely to be entirely connected, it is telling that Splosh’s magazine run coincided with the peak of its mainstream relevance.

Similarly, whilst WAM is often treated as an unusual fetish, it also overlaps with lotion play and mud wrestling, which means that on some level aspects of WAM date back to at least 1938 and potentially far earlier.

This also highlights that whilst many examples of sploshing involve bare skin and sexual acts, just as many examples involve people who are fully clothed, often in smart suits or white dresses that get progressively covered in messy substances.

What Is The Appeal?

The appeal is as broad as sploshing itself and often depends on the level of participation and the types of fluids involved.

Typically, why people get involved in sploshing is different to why people watch sploshing content, and both have crossovers with other fetishes.

Part of it is simply an extension of the messiness of sex, particularly when it comes to food and the multisensory elements that come with the feeling, the taste, the texture, the smell and even the sound of it slapping against skin or clothes.

There’s a sense of breaking taboos, that it is less about the feeling of being wet and messy but the act of making a mess, particularly when clothes are involved and are often cut off afterwards.

Finally, there is an interconnection to BDSM dynamics, particularly humiliation play, which can be intense but is mitigated by the inherent playfulness of sploshing.

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