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How Can You Boost Sensitivity To Make Your Sex Life Better?

Having a good sex life is important for physical and mental health, even going so far as improving heart health and reducing stress.

And one way you can ensure your time between the sheets is as satisfying as possible is to increase your sensitivity downstairs. However, many will be asking how exactly you can do this?

Pelvic floor sex toys

Sex toys serve many functions, and as well as improving your sex life, with a partner or without, they can also help you feel more sensation. 

Pelvic floor trainer kits, which include a weighted love egg, are designed to strengthen the muscles around the vagina that can loosen over time due to age, pregnancy and labour. Keeping these tight is key to improving sexual intercourse, so working these muscles can have a big impact on your sex life in 2024. 

Having stronger kegel muscles also means women can have better control during sex, so they can make sure their partner is really hitting the right spots. 

The great thing about the love egg is that it is also a fantastic sex toy, with the weighted ball creating low-frequency vibrations. These can be felt deeply, and the fact that a partner can control these remotely a few metres away, thanks to its wireless function, adds some spiciness to the action. 

There are nine vibrations to choose from, so ladies can choose one that really ticks their box best. 

Use less lube

While lubrication can work wonders at improving sex lives, sometimes it’s the case of less is more. 

You might be using too much lube on the penis, which means it is slipping and sliding too much to feel aroused. 

In order to feel more in the bedroom, using less lube can create extra friction, which could have a bigger impact. 

Start by using a smaller amount next time you have sex, and if this doesn’t work, skip it altogether and see if this makes a difference. 

Have a break from cycling

It might sound strange, but cyclists who are not feeling as turned on sexually as they used to might want to take a break from their hobby for a while. 

This is because they may have put too much pressure on their pudendal nerves from sitting on bike seats for long periods of time. 

Sex straight after a cycle could, therefore, feel quite unsatisfactory. So why not try waiting a bit before getting kinky with your partner to let the pressure subside or swap for shorter rides instead so your genitals and surrounding nerves can recover?

Practise deep breathing

Women often struggle to get turned on because they are preoccupied with other things, running a huge ‘to do list’ of jobs through their head at the same time as ripping off their clothes. 

Therefore, it is essential to take time to enjoy the moment and you can do this by practising deep breathing. This not only brings you back to the sexual act, but it helps connect the mind more deeply with the body. 

It can also increase blood flow, which helps to boost arousal and make certain areas more sensitive. 

Don’t forget to carry on breathing deeply throughout sex, as this can be particularly effective at keeping the sensation strong and boosting that orgasmic feeling. 

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