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How To Make Sure Orgasms Are For Both Of You

Let’s face it, there is nothing better in sex than an orgasm, which is why many folk won’t wait for a partner and will happily enjoy one on their own. Such a thing can also be more convenient in other ways.

It’s not just that the big O can be had by means of hand or toy if your partner is away on business or otherwise indisposed; it is the fact that trying to coordinate two people’s climaxes is a very hard thing to do.

At the end of the day, we all know why. Men get aroused faster than women and this means they reach orgasm faster too. Women take longer. Moreover, the harsh reality is that while men can easily climax from intercourse alone, most women can’t.

Naturally, this is far too interesting a subject not to have had loads of time and research grants spent on investigating it, but while the exact results of surveys vary, it is clear that, at best, only a quarter of women come from orgasm alone. Add to that the different speeds of arousal and it is small wonder the simultaneous climax is the stuff of Hollywood, not real life.

Of course, there is plenty that can be done to make sure she comes; lots of attention beforehand with tongue and fingers can get her to the promised land, sometimes multiple times, before the man starts to wield his pork sword. But it can still be a source of disappointment that the next part is less fun for her, as it’s his turn to race to the finish line.

This is where a vibrating cock ring comes in. Inserted over a penis, it can increase the size of his erection and may be used by men in a solo situation. However, a crucial setting ensures it bumps up against the clit during sex in a way that the public bone never could.

As a result, he will be highly stimulated and can grind on his merry way, so she can feel extra pleasure and stimulation from every stroke. There is no need for back-breaking gymnastics as you try to contort yourselves into positions where simultaneous hand stimulation and thrusting can take place.

With more pleasure for both of you, this increases the prospect that penetrative sex will bring the big O and maybe even the elusive simultaneous climax. Even if that doesn’t happen, though, this will be loads of fun.

You can also still use this even if the lady has already reached a climax from stimulation before insertion. Research has shown some very lucky women can orgasm as much as 20 times in a single session. That’s a wonderful finding, though we have to wonder how anyone blown away by that much pleasure can think at all, let alone count accurately.

The bottom line is that a vibrating cock ring is a way of bringing the ease of reaching orgasm provided by vibrators to both men and women, in a way that ensures you have it in just the right place, hands-free and ready to give you a night to remember – until the next one that may be even better.

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