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Top Tips For Passionate, Intense Shower Sex

It’s a fantasy that is always so very close to reality. Nearly every home has a shower, you are both naked and getting wet together. It just makes so much sense.

However, as anyone who has tried can attest, shower sex is a lot harder than it looks. It’s even more slippery than sex in a dry place, it can require quite uncomfortable positions depending on how your shower is set up and there’s always a fear in the back of your mind about falling.

But, if you take care and prep beforehand, shower sex is raw, exciting and deeply intense, and here are some ways to make it feel incredible.

Start With Hands And Mouths

You don’t need to start with penetration or lifting your partner up, just start by pleasuring each other, touching, kissing, licking and anything else to get each other off.

A great addition is a waterproof sex toy, as so long as it can handle the flow of water, a pink vibrator can boost the intensity and leave you and your partner shaking and quivering with pleasure.

Showering can create so many opportunities for foreplay so feel free to take your time and explore your partner’s body.

Stick To Silicone Lube

As shocking as it may be, water is not a lubricant, and that can make penetration painful if you are not ready for it. It also means that water-based or oil-based lubricants will just wash off.

Instead, try silicone-based lubricants, which are long-lasting, feel incredibly smooth and are, most importantly, water-resistant.

Don’t Hold On Tight

If you are worried you might slip, it’s natural but unwise to grab onto a towel bar, taps or the shower unit itself as you fall, as this can tear the fixtures off the wall if you are not careful.

Instead, put down an anti-slip mat, balance against the wall with your upper body, or use the tub for support if you have a bathtub.

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