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Should You Attend A Sex Party?

If you are looking for a way to change up your sex life and add some excitement, then one sure-fire way to do it is to have a fling with the adult party scene. According to Women’s Health, post-lockdown sex parties are starting to spring up all over the UK. But what exactly should you expect when you attend one?


Who goes to sex parties?

The parties are intended for any consenting adult who is keen to explore their sexuality. People go along with partners, alone, or just with a group of like-minded friends. They are often aimed at specific groups; for example, some are female-only, some cater for people with a particular fetish, some are specifically for couples, and so on.


How do you choose the right party?

Some sex parties are private affairs, held in houses or hotels, so you are only likely to hear about these through word of mouth or online networking. Others are organised by clubs, where you can find out details in advance on social media or websites, and purchase tickets.

Decide if you would prefer a more vanilla type of affair, where people engage in non-fetish based sexual activity; or a theme night which caters for a particular kink, such as bondage, where guests will be wearing their best BDSM kit.

Many sex parties, such as Killing Kittens, are very female-friendly and focus on empowering and liberating sexual experiences for women, without any fear of shame or stigma. They have a body-positive and inclusive ethos, with a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, harassment, and discrimination.


Staying safe

Most clubs will have protocols to protect the safety and privacy of guests. Filming and taking photographs are banned, and guests are asked to respect boundaries, and seek consent before touching another person. Know what you are comfortable with at the outset, and remember you always have the right to withdraw consent if you change your mind.

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