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How To Talk About Masturbation With Friends.

We often talk about nearly everything without closest friends, whether it’s relationship or family issues, laughing over terrible first dates, or having a rant about Mother Nature coming to visit. However, the wonderful world of masturbation can sometimes feel a bit awkward, even with your BFFs.

While it is absolutely fine to never have talked about your ‘private time’ with your closest confidantes, if you’re wanting to have deeper chats with your friends, maybe about your latest sex toy, or concerns about masturbation, we have a look at how to introduce the topic of self-pleasure to your best friends.

Before you bring up the subject, first, it is good to know the facts about masturbation. According to a survey by Mammamia, 15 per cent of people masturbate between once a fortnight to twice a week, and 12 per cent admit to self-pleasure between three to six times a week. Whichever camp you fall into, there’s no shame in masturbating multiple times a day, or not at all.

However, there remain negative connotations about masturbation and openly discussing it. The stigma and taboo that surround masturbation mean that women are less likely to enjoy sexual self-pleasure, according to studies. But talking openly about it with those you trust helps break down behaviours that we associate with guilt and shame.

Starting a conversation about masturbation carries a heavyweight of vulnerability, and many people feel shame, rejection, and humiliation, but that doesn’t mean we should shy away from such topics.

Creating safe spaces where you can openly talk about masturbation and sexual experiences means that in the long run, you will feel more comfortable with the topics, and it will lead to better orgasms and sex.

So how do you start the conversation? A good ice breaker is to tell your most embarrassing masturbation story. Discussing your favourite celebrity crush is a good way to get others to join in, or maybe compare each other's porn preferences.

However, remember that masturbation is meant to be fun, so aim to make convos lighthearted to help break the ice with everyone, and ask for advice or tips. You’ll never know what you might discover!


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