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How Kegel Balls Can Improve Your Sex Life

Kegel balls tend to be marketed as sex toys, but they have been around in some form for centuries. They are thought to have originated in China, where they are known as Ben Wa balls, or sometimes also Geisha balls, or Venus balls. They are used by women both as a means of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, and for sexual stimulation.

They are available in different weights and sizes, which can be adjusted as your pelvic floor muscles build up strength and resistance. They are usually made from glass or silicone, and can be used singly or in pairs, with a retrieval cord attached so you can remove them easily.


Benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles

If your pelvic floor muscles are in good shape, both you and your partner will tend to have a better time in bed. You will be able to contract around a partner, heightening their sensation, and also making your own experience more intense and pleasurable.

Women who have had children are often advised to do Kegel exercises, either with or without the aid of internal balls, to tone up the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder and uterus. By tightening the muscles that you use to control your urine flow for a few seconds, then releasing and repeating for 10 to 15 times, you should start to see results.

The benefits of these marvellous marbles aren’t strictly functional, of course! Using the them is a very sensual experience, which can put you back in touch with your sexy side, especially if you are trying to ease back into things after having kids.

Another little mentioned advantage of these slinky little sex toys is that they are silent and discreet, so you can have some moments of luxurious me-time without disturbing anyone sleeping in the next room! Perfect for frequent travellers and fraught new mums alike.

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