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Is There A Right Amount Of Sex In A Relationship?

Much like how so many people look for love in all the wrong places, sometimes people look for sex advice by asking the wrong questions.

One of the biggest red herring questions, along with how long you should have sex for, is how often people should have sex in a relationship, because whilst studies have claimed that couples should have sex at least once a week, the answer is far more elastic than that.

If you are in a very sexually active relationship and have sex every day or multiple times a week, that’s fantastic, but it’s also fantastic if you go for weeks at a time without getting it on, as long as that works for everyone in the relationship.

If your sex life consists of a pink vibrator and a cuddle, that’s still fine as well, as long as everyone involved is happy and satisfied in the end.

This is a concern often found in committed, long term relationships, where people find other ways to connect with each other besides physically.

The only wrong amount of sex in a relationship is when one or both people in the relationship feel like they should be having sex more, or if there’s a dramatic loss of sex drive.

If you do not feel like you’re getting enough, it’s important to talk to your partner about this, because in some cases they feel the same way but might not want to say. This will help you find a way to make both of your needs match.

For some couples, scheduling sex or date nights can be a good way to make time if that’s the issue, as it lets you connect with your partner.

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