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The Story Of The Strangest Viral Bedroom Anthem

Music matters to most of us and it can shape so many of our experiences, especially sexual ones whether with someone or with sex toys.

Slow, dirty bedroom jams help to establish a passionate mood, uptempo tunes can build intensity and comforting songs can help bring people together.

There is no accounting for taste, of course. Every song can be someone’s sex anthem, but there are some songs that raise more eyebrows than libidos.

One of the most infamous examples of this was the story of Cbat by Hudson Mowhake, an unusual 2011 electronic song that was at the centre of a debate about whether there is a song that actually shouldn’t become a sex song.

The story, which started on the website Reddit, involves a user by the name of “Tyler”, who said that he used music to help him improve his rhythm during sex, with Cbat being his favourite song.

His girlfriend of two years did not agree with this and shared with him that he did not like that song, one she heard every single time they had sex together, even asking him to stop thrusting to the rhythm when he agreed to take the song off of his sex playlist.

Almost everyone who heard the song immediately took her side, with the strange squeaks and dolphin sounds eliciting a mix of anguish and laughter from listeners who struggled to work out if the poster was serious.

It quickly went viral, which unfortunately led to the end of their relationship once siblings and parents found out about the Cbat situation and mocked him for it.

As with anything in the bedroom, sex jams are very personal and it is essential that everyone is enjoying it and is enthusiastic. Tyler laments that nobody told him before that the song was off-putting but the responsibility is on him to ask her first.

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