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Alternative Ways For Couples To Improve Their Sex Life

Nobody wants to settle with a mediocre sex life, but unfortunately, this is what many people, particularly those in long-term relationships, have to put up with. 

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way, as there are many ways you can bring magic back to the bedroom and enjoy a lively sex life with your partner once again. 


You might have read all about what might be causing a drop in your libido, whether it’s menopause, erectile dysfunction, or a lack of intimacy with your partner, but have you tried to fix the problem with acupuncture?

The ancient Chinese practice, which sees needles being placed in sensitive areas around the body, has been known to boost patients’ sex lives.

A recent study showed libido became more heightened in the female participants, while erections and ejaculation improved in the males.


We’ve all heard of the most famous aphrodisiac - oysters - but did you know there are many other foods you could eat to boost your sexual desire?

Consider chomping down on chocolate, walnuts, truffles and even avocados if you want some action in the sack. 

Spices like saffron, herbs like ginseng, roots like Maca, vegetables like chilli peppers, and fruit like strawberries and figs are also worth including in a romantic dinner for two. 


Yoga not only makes you more flexible and limber to get into those exciting sexual positions, but it helps you to practise the art of mindfulness. 

This means you will become better at keeping your attention on the moment, so your mind doesn’t wander when it shouldn’t. 

According to Everyday Health: “Keeping your attention on what you’re doing and feeling is a powerful way to enhance your pleasure.”

Sex toys

There are many reasons to add sex toys to your list of bedroom must-haves. Firstly, couples who have been together for many years might have got used to their normal foreplay, so it is a good idea to use some cock rings, a clitoral stimulator, or love egg to spice things up again.

Secondly, as you age, hormone imbalances can cause vaginal dryness. Therefore, stimulation before intercourse is necessary to achieve an orgasm, and this is easily done by using sex toys. 

Don’t be afraid of trying something new, as this is more likely to have a positive impact on your love life than a toy you have both become accustomed to. 


Sometimes all it takes is a bottle of lubricant to get things going again. As previously mentioned, vaginal dryness can play a big part in reducing libido and slowing down sex lives, as it can leave women uncomfortable or even in pain. 

But all you have to do is put some lube on and this will have a huge impact on sexual activity. You’ll be surprised what a simple fix can do to a relationship! 

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