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Can Kegel Balls Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Women’s pelvic floor muscles naturally weaken as they get older, which can have a big impact on their sex life. But the good news is there is something that can help tighten them again, helping you to enjoy bedroom antics like you did in your 20s - and these are kegel balls. 

What happens to your pelvic floor muscles?

Over the years, women lose strength in their pelvic floor muscles. Heavy lifting, lots of coughing, and even constipation can cause stress, while pregnancy, and childbirth puts a lot of pressure on this group of muscles.

Although the body heals a lot after giving birth, some women find their pelvic floor is never the same, particularly after multiple children. 

How does a weak pelvic floor affect your sex life?

There are many ways you’ll be able to tell you have a weak pelvic floor. One of the first signs is worsening bladder control, which means you might find yourself leaking wee when you cough or sneeze, and you can kiss goodbye to high impact activity like star jumps, trampolining, or running. 

It can also result in soiling, with some people’s bodies involuntarily leaking faeces without knowing. In addition to this, vaginal flatulence or dryness, frequent and intense urges to wee, recurring urinary tract infections, and pelvic organ prolapse can also occur. 

When it comes to your sex life, a weak pelvic floor can mean intercourse can become painful, as women find it difficult to relax their muscles when intimate. This can result in infrequent orgasms, particularly if suffering from vaginal dryness at the same time. 

Unsurprisingly, the difficulty in achieving the big ‘O’ and discomfort experienced during sex often lowers libido, and ladies with pelvic floor function find it gets harder to become aroused. 

How do kegel balls help?

Thankfully, weakened pelvic floor muscles don’t have to stay that way forever. By using weighted kegel balls inserted into the vagina, you can train the muscles so their tone and strength improves over time. 

The secret is to get your body to clench those muscles to keep those balls in place, which helps make them stronger and easier to control in the long run. 

After inserting them, you need to lie down and squeeze, keeping the muscles contracted for up to ten seconds. Following a short rest, repeat for three sets of ten repetitions.

Kegel balls often come in different weights and sizes, enabling women to start off with the easiest and working their way up to bigger and heavier equipment. What’s more, you can extend the time you contract your muscles for and do more repetitions as you become more advanced. 

Don’t be surprised if you are only able to hold the ball for a few seconds at first, as you will find this time gets longer and longer the more you practise and the stronger the muscles get. 

This might take a few weeks or months of doing it every day, but over time, you will notice a significant improvement in the symptoms you were experiencing before.

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