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Should You Go On A One-Night Stand?

Other than safe, sane and consensual, everyone’s sex life is a bit unique, and everyone’s idea of a good time is also going to be quite different, from a fun time alone with toys to a steamy orgy.

Some people are in committed relationships they want to spice up, others are going out on the hunt for someone they connect to emotionally before they get physical, and others still are looking for something with far less of a commitment.

This could be a friend with benefits, a casual sex partner where there is no expectation of anything but a good time, or potentially a one-night stand.

Contrary to popular belief, jumping into bed on the first date doesn’t doom any relationship you want to have, and it is important to distinguish potential relationships that fizzle out very quickly from casual flings where there is no expectation that they will last all that long.

As well as this, one-night stands do not have to be literal. It just means a passionate, spontaneous sex encounter that is not going to lead to anything more, nor does it need to. Sex is amazingly fun, after all, and it is absolutely fine to just want sex from someone if they just want the same.

However, before you do, here are some important tips you should know before getting stuck in.

Clarity And Boundaries Matter More Than Ever

The sex may be no-strings-attached, but that does not mean anyone involved should be made to feel uncomfortable or like they are not being heard.

Be open and clear about what you want, what you expect and what your boundaries are, and expect the other person to do the same.

Typically you will meet beforehand and talk about what you both want.

It Can Sometimes Feel Like A Date

A one-night stand starts off with you meeting up with the person before heading somewhere to get busy, and whether you see it as foreplay or simply a chance to get the details squared out, it can look and feel a lot like a date.

It is also a really fun part of having a one-night stand so enjoy it, be flirty, teasing and take your time. The foreplay before the sex can be exceptionally fun as well.

You Might Catch Feelings After

The reason why one-night stands are not for everyone is that sex means something different to everyone, and it can feel really bad if you catch feelings and want your fling to be more than it could possibly be.

Whatever happens between you that night stays at that night and will not bloom into anything more. Some people are far firmer on this point than others, particularly if you ask something personal.

With that said, it can happen to anyone, so don’t feel like you have done something wrong if you do end up feeling some kind of way. Just know that, alas, it will not lead to anything more with this particular person.

However, it can be the kickstart your love life needs and a reminder to yourself of what you are looking for. Either way, it will hopefully be some fantastic sex.

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