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Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Ensuring your sex toys are clean and hygienic to use is a necessary skill to learn, and one that many people could stand to exercise a little more. Considering how and where these toys are used, if you want to avoid a yeast infection, or any other kind of infection, then read on.

There are many ways to ensure your sex toys keep clean and sanitised to prolong their lifespan, prevent damage, and keep your genitals safe! However, it is very worth knowing the common mistakes made when cleaning sex toys so you can avoid them.


  1. Not cleaning your toy when it first arrives

Your toy might arrive brand new, packaged, and look pristine, but this isn’t the same as being clean, sterile, and sanitary. After you take it out of the packaging, clean it thoroughly with mild soap and water, then let it air dry on a clean surface.


  1. Not checking whether your toy is waterproof or water-resistant before you clean it

While many sex toys are waterproof, before you sneak them into the bathroom for some bathtub fun times, always make sure it is safe to be submerged. If not, water could leak inside and damage the electrical components and battery, ruining your favourite toy.


  1. Not drying your toys off properly

Once playtime is over, and you’ve clean your toys, make sure they are dry before storing them away again. Avoid using towels or anything that could leave irritating particles on your toy.


  1. Using scented soaps, household cleaning products, or bleach

Consider where the toys are going to be used before you use household cleaning products or harsh scented soaps, as these can cause yeast infections. If you do not have a specific sex toy cleaner, stick to warm water and anti-bacterial soap.


  1. Cleaning a porous toy the way you would a hard toy

If your toy is made of a porous material like jelly, latex, rubber, or realistic-skin material, cleaning it as you would a hard, non-porous sex toy is a bad idea. Porous toys can trap bacteria, so they’re not ideal to play with recklessly. But if you’re committed to your toy, the best way to play is with protection, by using a condom every time.


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