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Top Tips For People In Long-Distance Relationships

When you are in a long-distance relationship, most of the time you spend together is wonderful; the sex is passionate, you enjoy every second of every embrace and your hunger for each other every time you meet.

The problem of course is that for far too much of the time you are apart, missing out on that physical connection, this problem only magnified by the events of the past year.

Thankfully, there are ways to still have a fulfilling sex life with someone you would move heaven and earth for, and here are some top tips for keeping intimate even when you are distant.


Be Open With Your Desires

Communication is key in any relationship but even more so in a long-distance one, where there is a greater emphasis on trust.

Be open with your emotions, your needs and especially your desires with your partner, but make sure to listen to theirs as well. Maybe you will find you have a lot more in common sexually than you previously thought.


Words Are Sexy

If this is the first time you want to get intimate from a distance, sexting is a great way to keep the fire smouldering. It is not too direct and more about imagination and will help you build up confidence and get more comfortable talking about your desires.


Embrace Technology

There is a lot of ways in which technology has brought us closer together, and that is even more true when it comes to sex.

Aside from sexy photos, which are a great way to flirt so long as you keep the photos safe, and video sex, there are even silicone sex toys that can be remotely operated by your partner, which allows for a more interactive sex life even when you are apart.

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