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How To Kickstart Your Sex Life Again

The last year has been a rough time for many of us when it comes to our sex life.

With casual sex and sex with partners who did not live with us off the table, many of us would buy a vibrator and find ways to be intimate and close when we were not allowed to be either of those.

Whilst this does have its own benefits, all of this might make you feel a bit awkward in bed, or anxious about what to do when the opportunity arises or are stuck in a rut.

There is no need to fret, however, as it is not as hard as you think to start having amazing sex again.

Here are the best ways to have great sex after some time away.


Communicate And Listen

Great sexual chemistry is built on the ability to communicate your wants and needs with each other. This is true whether this is a one-night stand, a casual fling or a long-running romance.

Pay attention to each other, compliment and make sure your wants and needs are heard. If you feel wanted and desired you are more likely to feel sexier and enjoy yourself so much more.

Knowing your wants and needs, as well as the needs of your partner is vital to getting the most out of sex, so sometimes the best and sexiest nights are just about talking.


Indulge In Fantasy

Related to this, a key to unlocking your desires and enjoying more fulfilling and better sex is taking full advantage of your sexual fantasies and learning about your partners.

Read erotic literature and not only get yourself into the mood but learn a bit more about what you want and what you can do to spice up your bedroom action.

Fantasy is also the best jumping-off point to start experimenting with different positions, bringing in toys and bringing lube into the bedroom too. Not only is variety better but different positions stimulate different parts of the body.


Start Off Slow

Sex does not start and end with penetration, and it is fine to start slow from the moment you go on a date or a getaway together.

Foreplay is exceptionally underrated, and most of the best sex people have builds up gradually from kisses and caresses, giving and receiving oral sex, and exploring each other's bodies.

Not every intimate moment has to be an intense rush of passionate sex. Sometimes it is okay just to hold each other, or kiss passionately, or caress each other until you both orgasm.

The right speed for you and your partner is the right speed, there is no need to compare it to other people.


Love Your Body

Self-love is very important, both physically and also emotionally. If there is a certain outfit or a certain set of lingerie that makes you feel sexy, wear it for you and to make you feel as beautiful and desirable as you are.

What is important is this is about you and what makes you feel desirable, sexy and beautiful, which can be different for different people.

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