Do You Have A Sex Toy Bucket List?

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Bucket lists are typically filled with adrenaline-fuelled adventures like sky diving, bungee jumping, or climbing a mountain, but have you considered writing a sex toy bucket list?

Whether you’re already familiar with the vast range of sex toys available, or you’re a relative newcomer who wants to explore a little more, a sex toy bucket list is a great idea to get in touch with your body and find out just what thrills you.

We have a look at a few sex toys to see if they deserve a place on your bucket list!



For the uninitiated, a dildo is anything phallic-shaped, or vaguely phallic-shaped that’s designed to penetrate the mouth, vagina, or anus. Standard dildos generally resemble biological penises in shape and function, and can often be designed to stimulate the G-spot, A-spot, or P-spot.

Why not look for one with a suction cup base, so then you can attach it to the shower wall and ride it as you would your partner.

Some dildos come in a variety of textures or are made out of different materials, each offering a different sensation.


Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls, jade eggs, vaginal weights, and Kegel aid all have the same function in common - they go into your vagina and force your pelvic muscles to do the work.


Butt plugs

Butt plugs can create a pleasurable sensation of being stretched or of being full. Wearing one during sex can also make the vagina feel tighter, which can increase the chance of your G-spot being stimulated during penetration.


Anal beads

Butt plugs are all about creating a sustained sensation, but anal beads are more about one moment and movement. They’re designed to massage the sphincter when they go in, and a pleasurable ‘pop’ when they’re pulled out.


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