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Love Eggs? Easter Has Nothing On These!

With Easter having just come and gone, many couples will have been treating each other over the long bank holiday. That could involve grilling hot cross buns for breakfast, but for many folk, the culinary highlight of the event will be getting stuck into some huge chocolate eggs.

However, there is a kind of egg that is even more of an exciting prospect than these cocoa and sugar-laden treats. A vibrating love egg can provide so much fun that even a rain-soaked bank holiday won’t lower your mood.

For those unfamiliar with this kind of egg, (perhaps because you are a lifelong chocaholic?), a love egg is a roughly spherical kind of vibrator, rather than a wand, which is inserted into the vagina. Also known as a Kegel Ball (though nobody ever asked for a chocolate one of them), it actually has two purposes, not one.

Of course, the one that will be of most interest may be the sensational pleasure it can produce when it is in there, vibrating away. But it also helps to strengthen the pubic floor muscles, so whether it’s better grip during sex or improved bladder control after childbirth, the benefits will come in multiples - rather like the orgasms.

There are many really great things about love eggs. One of them is that they sit very snugly near the G-spot. Now, we know there are those out there who still dispute that the G-spot actually exists, or at least the vaginal orgasms that stimulating this area causes. Others regard the G-spot as simply an inward extension of the clit.

As far as we’re concerned, these kinds of debates are for the birds. The reality is that by placing a love egg in that area it hits the G-spot very sweetly and leaves most users swiftly concluding that if anyone thinks this pleasure centre and route to orgasm is non-existent, they can go and join the flat-Earthers while they’re at it.

That said, some designs of love egg go the extra mile by having a tail attached. This ensures that the clit is stimulated too. Is this the best of both worlds? Or two parts of the same thing? When you are writhing in unimaginable ecstasy, it is pretty unlikely you care too much.

A third great thing about these eggs is that you can insert it and leave it there, which is not only convenient (you definitely won’t lose it this way), but also means you can turn it (and yourself) on at any time, though generally we don’t recommend doing this during job interviews or family visits.

Love eggs can be used alone, or with a partner, and can come in different sizes and materials (plastic, silicone, or rubber) and have different settings, so you can blow yourself away or enjoy the sensations gradually building up.

None of this means you shouldn’t enjoy a big chocolate Easter egg - especially as they will always be reduced to clear the following week - but when it comes to eggs, there is one that cracks it in a way no other possibly could.

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