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Why Easter Is A Great Excuse For Sexy Time

Though Valentine’s and Christmas are the more traditional romantic holidays, there’s nothing to say there can’t be some sexy moments during the Easter break. 

Read on to discover why Easter could be the perfect excuse to reignite some passion in your relationship.

Four-day holiday

With the bank holidays, most people have four days off work to enjoy themselves however they please.

While families might be spending them on Easter egg hunts, loved-up couples might prefer to make the most of their spare time by spending it in bed with their partner. 

Unlike Christmas, when there is lots of family to see and events to attend, Easter doesn’t tend to have such a packed schedule. This means you don’t have anywhere to be or anything really to do, giving you the chance to really relax and remind yourself and your lover what you enjoy doing together most. 

All that chocolate

There’s no rule to say Easter eggs are just for kids, and with so much delicious chocolate around, there’s no excuse if you don’t incorporate this into some bedroom fun. 

Of course, chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac, as it contains both tryptophan and phenylethylamine. The former helps to create serotonin, which stimulates sexual arousal, while the latter is typically released by the body when falling in love. 

So the combination of the two means chocolate can make you feel all loved up and rowdy at the same time. 

Even if it is all in your mind, and there are no real physiological effects from the chocolate, it still has the same result - getting you to feel more confident and kinky in the bedroom!

The obvious thing you can do with it is melt the chocolate egg down, as this makes it even richer, creamier and dreamier. 

Couples can then dip strawberries, which is another reported aphrodisiac, into the chocolate sauce and feed each other. This is a very romantic thing to do, particularly with some soothing background music and lowlights, and can quickly lead to getting intimate. 

You could also drip the melted chocolate on your body and get your partner to lick it off, which is instantly a sexy invitation. 

Even the smell of chocolate can turn people on, so by creating the right ambiance, and having a bowl of melted chocolate, a plate of fresh chilled strawberries, and two glasses of Champagne, you could be in for a night of passion. 

Place a surprise in your chocolate egg

You could even add some sauciness to your sexy weekend by giving your partner an Easter egg to remember. 

All you have to do is slightly melt the centre of the egg, so the halves fall away from each other without cracking the chocolate shell. 

Then slip in something raunchy into the centre, such as a new sexy toy kit, and reseal the two halves together with some more melted chocolate. 

When your lover comes to crack their egg open for a tasty treat, they will get more than they bargained for! 

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