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Is Chocolate Really An Aphrodisiac?

We all love chocolate due to its delightful, moreish taste. But according to some, this delicious sweet treat is capable of doing more than just tantalising the tastebuds.

Many believe that chocolate has the ability to ignite passion in the bedroom. But is this true, or have chocolate’s aphrodisiac properties been overblown? Let’s find out…

Can Chocolate Make You Aroused?

The short answer to this complex question is yes, chocolate does contain several compounds that have been linked to feelings of pleasure and arousal. 

One of these compounds is phenylethylamine (PEA), often referred to as the "love chemical." Found naturally in plants, fungi and bacteria, PEA is also released in the brain when we're feeling strong emotions for another person, otherwise known as being in love!

PEA is also thought to promote feelings of attraction and excitement, while studies have shown that consuming chocolate can increase levels of serotonin and endorphins in the brain, which are associated with feelings of happiness and pleasure – great for getting you in the mood for some steamy love-making.

Chocolate also contains caffeine and theobromine, two stimulants that can increase energy levels and enhance our mood. These compounds can help to boost both stamina and endurance, perfect for fuelling a night of passion.

Psychological Impact

In addition to the chemical compounds within chocolate, there’s also a psychological aspect to its aphrodisiac properties. 

For most of us, chocolate is associated with indulgence and pleasure, so introducing chocolate to the bedroom can multiply its sensual benefits. Just the act of sharing a box of chocolates with your partner can create a sense of intimacy and connection, setting the stage for an unforgettable romantic encounter.

So whether you're feeding each other chocolate-dipped strawberries or simply savouring a piece of velvety chocolate together, the act of sharing this decadent treat is one way to enhance feelings of intimacy and desire.

Lastly, researchers have found that merely the scent of chocolate is enough to stimulate arousal in both men and women, meaning you can still benefit from its aphrodisiac qualities without consuming the calories!

So, hopefully, we’ve cleared up any doubts you may have had. As you can see, the rumours are true – chocolate can indeed turn you and your partner on and could be just what you need to add a little extra spark.

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