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How To Choose The Right Lube

There is an assumption that lubricants are only used by post-menopausal women, but they can improve your sex life at any age. Studies show that 17% of women aged between 18 and 50 have experienced dryness or discomfort during sex at some point. There is no need to put up with this, when a simple and inexpensive solution can cure it.

Personal lubricants ease the skin friction that happens during sex, making it a smoother experience. There are different types available, so if you are worried about irritation, choose a lube for sensitive skin. These will contain water-based ingredients which help to prevent inflammation, and are easy to wash off.

Water-based gel lubes are compatible with both condoms and silicone sex toys, so you can use them with a partner or on your own. You might have heard of people using whatever is to hand as a lube, such as butter or face cream, but these oil-based products may contain ingredients which cause irritation and thrush, and might not be contraceptive-safe.

You can also buy water-based lubes in different thicknesses and textures, depending on what you want to use them for. For use with sex toys, a natural feeling, soft lube is best. For vaginal or anal penetration, choose a water-based lube with a thicker gel texture to provide extra comfort.

There is no need to suffer in silence if discomfort during sex is causing you relationship problems. Hormonal changes which lead to vaginal dryness can affect women of any age. Some common triggers include menstruation, contraception, and pregnancy. It can also be caused by the side effects of medications and medical issues, as well as stress.

Safe and hygienic water-based gel lubricants will ease friction and heighten enjoyment and arousal for both men and women, so lube up and have fun, whether with your partner or a sex toy!

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