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Debunking Sex Toy Myths

The last year has been very odd for everyone, especially when it comes to our sex lives.

Due to many couples being split up and the difficulty in meeting new partners over the last year, 30 per cent more of us are touching ourselves more often.

Thankfully, self-pleasure is becoming less of the taboo it never should have been to begin with, and buying a sex aid or vibrator online could not be easier.

Despite this, there are still bizarre myths and misconceptions about owning a sex toy that you still hear about which are completely untrue and often come from ridiculous ideas. Here are some of the biggest and the truth behind them.


Myth: You Can Get Addicted To Vibrators

Vibrators are incredibly effective at giving stimulation and giving us particularly intense orgasms. However the idea that you can get addicted it is completely and utterly ridiculous.

However many times you masturbate, with or without a sex toy is likely right for you, and unless it is somehow seriously affecting your life, you’re doing fine.


Myth: Vibes Make You Desensitised

One of the biggest myths out there around vibrators is that once you start using them you can no longer enjoy sex the way you used to.

This is clearly and obviously untrue. Vibrators provide a different sort of pleasure but that’s not to say that all of a sudden touching yourself or having sex will not be enough to make you feel pleasure.


Myth: They Are A Threat To Your Partner

This is arguably the most ridiculous, and only true if your partner is particularly insecure.

If your partner is threatened by you finding pleasure in a new way then that is a red flag for your relationship and their trust in you.

Relationships are built on so many different aspects beyond sex, such as trust, care, support and mutual interest. If your partner makes you feel good and knows it, then no toy should ever worry them.

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