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Top Sex Questions To Ask Your Partner

Relationships are built on so many important factors, and the wonderful part of these building blocks is that no two relationships are the same.

With pretty much everything in 2020 and 2021 being so very different, it is perhaps no surprise that our relationship to sex has also been very different.

The most recent National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles showed that sex has decreased and masturbation has increased, in no small part because couples who do not live together need to find other ways to be intimate such as choosing to buy a vibrator for the first time.

Another way to feel close to and connected to your partner is to be open with each other, and here are some important questions about sex to ask your partner, to make sure that both of you are fulfilled and happy in your relationship.


What Is Your Biggest Sexual Fantasy?

This is a question that is great to start with, as it helps to open up a huge amount of other questions based on their answers. Ask for as many details as they want to divulge and take note of anything they want to turn from a dream to reality.


Where Do You Like Being Touched Most?

Everyone has a spot that helps to get them going, and being open about each other will help make both of your sex lives better. Just do not forget what your partner’s answer was.


How Often Do You Touch Yourself?

Everyone has been masturbating more often. After all, orgasms are a fantastic way to relieve stress. Ask about how often your partner touches themselves, how they do it and what they fantasise about. See what you can put into practice later on.

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