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Hospital Horrors You Should Avoid

Using sex toys has a stigma for many, but there are millions who will use something other than their own anatomy or that of their partner for pleasure every year.

For that reason, many will overcome their shyness and buy a toy, with the option of finding a sex shop online with discreet delivery meaning nobody else need know.

Unfortunately, some people try to improvise with something definitely not designed for the activity they are using it for - and this can lead to pain and humiliation as they turn up red-faced at A&E.

For instance, there was the series of calamities revealed in a Daily Mail article featuring the sort of disasters doctors around the world have had to deal with.

These included extracting items lodged in the back passage like a pink softball and a very large potato, which, suffice to say, did not quite do what anal beads are designed to.

Other folk may use cock rings, but one man tried putting his wedding ring on something other than his finger in the hope this would cure his erectile dysfunction. Suffice to say it got stuck, the blood could not flow back out again and the operation to remove it with a welding torch… well, let’s just say that if you are man reading this we can bet you have just crossed your legs.

If you thought things could get no worse, that’s to reckon without the Aussies. It’s bad enough that they like sandpapering their balls in the middle of a cricket field, but cases have reported include a man with Henry the Hoover glued to his member, a woman ending up with a condom in her lung and a man with a deodorant can stuck up his rear.

There are many more stories like this out there, but hopefully the point does not need to be hammered home (although there was the case of.. actually, let’s skip that).

The lesson is that it’s great to experiment and have a bit of novel fun, but you can find many great toys to help you do that without ending up having to explain yourself to horrified (or amused) medics.

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