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Blended Orgasms: Myth Or Mind-Blowing?

If you thought that the blended orgasm was a type of cocktail sold in overpriced rooftop bars, you may well be correct. However, it also has another much more important meaning: a simultaneous G-spot and clitoral orgasm that can totally blow your mind. It can take a little bit of know-how to achieve this state of bliss, so here are a few tips to help you out!

First up, let’s get the basics sorted out: the clitoris is the female organ which is the seat of sexual pleasure, and all women need direct or indirect stimulation of this organ to reach a climax. Some of it (just the tip, in fact) can be found externally, at the front of the vulva.

The rest is internal, and can be stimulated through the vaginal wall. A particular part of the internal clitoris is packed with nerve endings, and this is called the G spot. A blended orgasm is when your sexual response synchronises at these two external and internal points, producing twice the intensity of a regular climax.

If this sounds too good to miss out on, it’s worth doing a little experimenting until you get the hang of it: even if it doesn’t work out first time, you can have fun trying! Remember that it’s not a competition, and it’s more likely to happen if you are in tune with your body and emotions.

Start off by stimulating the tip of the clitoris, with touching or by using a toy such as a pink vibrator. Once you’re feeling turned on, start to experiment to see if you can find your G spot. The best way to access it is to lift upwards slightly towards your belly button, either during intercourse, manually, or with a sex toy.

Some gadgets are specially designed to stimulate both the external and internal areas at once, so this might be a good idea if you are finding it tricky. Once you have the knack, you can experiment with your partner until you find those sexual positions which hit the high spots every time.

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