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Enjoy A Bit Of G Force

Everyone has heard the term G-force, which is all about being propelled with such velocity that it is more than the power of gravity. It applies to exciting things like fast cars, rollercoasters or even taking off in a space rocket.

All of those things, of course, involve having a breath-taking, euphoric ride. Sadly, not every ride is such fun and sometimes, ladies, it’s because there isn’t a lot of G involved.

The G in this case is the G-spot and, sadly, there is often a distinct lack of force being applied to it.  

It gets its name as an abbreviation of the Grafenberg Spot, after the man who found it (let’s not ask how eh?) and it consists of a clump of nerves that can sometimes be felt as a slightly bumpy area on the roof of the vagina. This is usually between 2.5 and three inches in, although everyone’s dimensions are a little different so that’s a general figure, before you start inserting a tape measure.

If you haven’t felt much in this area so far, it may be you just aren’t getting enough stimulation there. That’s where a G spot vibrator can make a difference.

However, it is worth noting that everyone is different and some feel a lot more than others.  But if you have lots of sensitivity there that you haven’t properly exploited yet, you can use such a toy to enjoy a spectacular display of G-force, one that really will be like going into orbit.

Hitting the G-Spot is not an exact science, but then that sort of thing can be left to NASA and their real rockets. In this case, it is all about using the best means possible to provide the most stimulation where it matters, exploring and ultimately finding the very best place to give you the greatest lift-off of all.

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