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4 Super Simple Tips To Have Better Sex

There can be a lot of pressure to have sex that looks as passionate and choregraphed as a movie scene, and results in orgasmic bliss every time. However, high expectations can lead to disappointment, and distract us from the really simple things that make sex great. Here is some basic stuff that can be overlooked.


  1. Talk about what turns you on

Couples who have the most satisfying sex are usually good at talking about what they want. If something doesn’t really work for you, it’s important to find a tactful way to tell your partner. Frame it as a way to discuss what you do like, rather than as a criticism. Be prepared to listen to what your partner finds a turn on or off, as well.


  1. Keep it interesting

Couples can easily fall into a routine when it comes to sex, which soon becomes stale. The good news is, introducing some variety can soon hot things up again. Try having sex in the shower instead of the bedroom, or in the morning instead of the evening. If you’ve got plenty of time, listen to or watch some erotica together beforehand.


  1. Use sex toys together

One of the biggest misconceptions about great sex is that both partners should have multiple simultaneous orgasms. Research shows that the majority of women don’t climax through penetration alone, and need additional clitoral stimulation. Using a fun sex toy such as a love egg can help to make sure both partners are fully satisfied.


  1. Use lube

Younger women are sometimes told that they don’t need to use lube until they are older. However, lubricants are designed to make sex more comfortable and easier for everybody, whatever their age. They reduce friction, and help to you focus on the sensual experience of sexual connection, so lube up every time!

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