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What You Need To Know About Lube

Lubricants, generally known as lube in the sex toy biz, are essential for a safe and comfortable sexual experience. It’s non-negotiable for penetrative sex, and it also makes external stimulation more pleasurable. Here’s what you need to know about lube.

Personal lubricants are intended to reduce the friction that happens during sexual activity. There is a myth that they are only for older women, but younger women also benefit from some lube to make sex smoother and more enjoyable. For anal activity, lube is a must-have, because the anus isn’t self-lubricating. 

Water-based lubes are best, because they contain fewer ingredients which might irritate sensitive body parts. Oil-based lubes are not always compatible with condoms or sex toys, and generally make a bit of a mess of the bed sheets. Water-based lube is light and silky, and easy to wash off. 

Don’t be tempted to use a household product such as olive oil, butter, or moisturiser as a lube, whatever rumours you may have heard. These products will be sticky, greasy, and unpleasant to use, and may lead to irritation and infection in places where you definitely don’t want them. They may also cause a condom to malfunction.

Instead, look for water-based lubes, or silicone-based lubes. Water-based lubes are a good general-purpose product, and make external sex play and penetration easier and protect delicate areas from soreness and tearing. Women can experience dryness in the vaginal area at any age, due to hormone changes caused by the pill, or stress or tiredness.

If you want to use a lube as part of an anal starter kit, look for a thicker formula. Some anal lubes contain a mild local anaesthetic, which makes the skin less sensitive and helps the muscles to relax. Whatever you do, don’t think of experimenting with anal play without using a good lube, or you could risk tearing and discomfort. 

When it comes to using the lube, the amount you need to apply varies depending on your activity. For penetrative sex, both partners should use plenty. If you are having a long session, you will probably need to top up at some point, because it does wear off with friction and time. 

For non-penetrative activity, such as hand jobs or sex toys designed for external use, a few drops should be enough to make things fun and friction-free. If you want introduce a little bit more fun into your foreplay, you can buy lubes which are designed to give you a sexy tingle. Some lubes are available in different flavours, for some fun oral play.

If you have sensitive skin, maybe because of eczema, then look for a product which is formulated especially for sensitive skin. This will be free of perfumes and other chemicals which might cause irritation.

So there you go: lube is your friend, whatever age you are, and whatever sexual activity you are having. It’s there to make sex more pleasurable and fun for everyone, and that’s our mission!

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