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What Is The Hotpast Fetish And How Common Is It?

Some of us are happy to talk about past sexual encounters with our current partners, while others just don’t want to know. Either scenario is perfectly normal. However, there are some people who get really turned on by hearing about and imagining their partners with a previous lover.

According to the Metro, there’s even a name for this fetish, which is referred to as ‘hotpast’ on a subreddit group with 86,000 members. Sex expert Ness Cooper told the publication that far from being niche, it’s actually a very common experience. 

She said: ‘Some individuals who enjoy hearing about their partners erotic pasts may be experiencing a form of comparison – they feel happy, and even turned on knowing their partner had positive sexual experiences within a previous relationship.’

She added: ‘They may also be experiencing a form of ‘erotic transference’ which can happen when a partner brings their past sexual and erotic experiences into a new relationship, and the feelings around those experiences are transferred to the new relationship.’

While in some cases the fetish may arise out of a sense of insecurity or jealousy, Cooper believes that it can also be used positively, to encourage openness and experimentation within a relationship. 

She commented: ‘Someone with this kink may be excited to learn more about their partners sexual likes and dislikes, and see it as a way to connect and learn more about them. This could also lead to the possibility of adding in things sexually they know their partner previously enjoyed, and in some cases lead to more satisfying sex for them.’

It seems that if both partners are happy to learn about each other’s sexual history, the hotpast fetish can add an extra dimension of pleasure and eroticism to your sex life.

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