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Should You Schedule Time For Sex?

If you are in the throes of a new relationship, the idea of scheduling time in your diary for sex probably makes you laugh out loud, or maybe it sounds like a complete passion killer, or just plain odd. However, in a longer term relationship, sex can take a back seat as the everyday chores of life fall back into place.

Many experts agree that scheduling time for regular sex can actually keep your relationship in good health. When the first few months of hot passion settle down, sex can become less of a priority once those spontaneous love making sessions become less frequent. 

By deliberately making time for sex, you will have time to anticipate it, and let yourself enjoy it without worrying that you should be doing something else. Here are some of the other benefits of a sex timetable!

It increases intimacy with your partner

Sex is not everything in a successful romantic relationship, but physical intimacy is important to keep you both sexually and emotionally fulfilled. Making an effort to have regular sex means that you are looking after each other’s needs in an unhurried way, when you can really pay attention to both your own and your partner’s satisfaction. 

It gives you chance to experiment

There can be a lot of pressure to be seen as great in bed and up for anything, but the reality is that long term relationships usually settle into a comfortable but predictable routine that can get a little stale. Over time, this can mean that your desire to have sex begins to wane.

However, if you plan ahead when you are going to have sex, it also gives you time to discuss with your partner anything new that you might want to try. This could be a different position, or just having sex in a different place to your usual one, such as the bathroom or the living room sofa. Maybe you might even plan a night away in a hotel every month or two. 

You might discover that sex feels much hotter with some gorgeous sexy lingerie, or some adult toys to add some extra spice into your normal routine. Far from taking the fun and spontaneity aout of sex, scheduling in quality time for physical intimacy can actually lead to a much more exciting and fulfilling sex life. 

It strengthens other aspects of your relationship

Sex can often become a major grounds for misunderstanding and miscommunication between couples, which gradually seeps into all the other aspects of the relationship. Maybe one partner wants to try something new, or have sex more often, but doesn’t feel able to discuss it. 

By making time for regular sex, it opens up grounds for more open and honest conversations, which will bring you closer together as a couple, building up mutual trust and respect for each other’s needs.

It boosts your libido

Many people find that the more sex they have, the more they want to have sex! You might even find that you are having the spontaneous sex from the early days of your relationship in between your sex timetable!

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