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Wander Wonderfully With A Sex Wand

Fancy making your sex life more fun and varied with a magical wand? At this point, you might be thinking of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice or something out of a Harry Potter film, with the notion that a few spells might make your partner look hotter or magically enlarge certain bodily organs. However, there is a different kind of magic involved here.

A sex wand is a vibrator with some superb features, including flexibility, a vibrating head and multiple vibration speed options. This not only guarantees lots of pleasure, but it can add some extra fun and kink behind closed doors.

For example, if you are into tying your partner to the bed and taking total control, you can both have great fun slowing things down, with lots of edging involved to delay that orgasm in a way that will tantalise and thrill on the one hand and be utterly tortuous on the other.

That. however, is just one of the many ways that some extra fun can be had. Another is post-orgasm torture. This involves continued stimulation after an orgasm, which for men in particular can be a very intense experience, as it ceases to be pleasurable once the orgasm comes to an end.

A wand can be particularly effective in stimulation at this point, especially when used with an attached sleeve, bringing maximum pleasure followed by intense and unpleasant sensitivity. Not everyone is happy to go for this, so as ever consent and safe words are important, but for many it is a great kink and a wand is the ideal way of doing it.

While the nature of the refractory period in men and the inability to have multiple orgasms means it is obvious they can be subjected to post-orgasm torture, it is not quite as clear with women, as some can have multiple orgasms but not others.

That means the same torture can be applied in some cases by stimulating the clit after orgasm, whereas in other cases the joy can be increased by using the wand to bring climax after climax. Indeed, if she is tied up and helpless, there is no saying where it might end. You could go on and on without her ever knowing when it will all stop.

Of course, this is all at the top end of kink, the sort of thing you can combine with all sorts of BDSM, whips, leather, handcuffs and all the rest of it.

At the same time, it can also be a great thing for issues like when one of you is struggling to reach orgasm, as well as trying new things, like massaging the perineum (the bit between the balls and the bum) to produce a prostate orgasm.

It’s fair to say that when you have explored a few of the magic tricks this wand offers, you’ll know why it can’t possibly have been shown in a Harry Potter film, (unless someone is planning a Certificate 18 version set in Harry’s adulthood).

Perhaps we should leave the big screen sorcery to the kids, while this sort of magic can be kept for a very special time and place. 

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