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Top Travel Friendly Sex Toys

If you’re off on your travels this summer, you might want to pack a sex toy kit to take with you. This can help to either spice things up with a partner, or just for yourself. Whether solo or coupled up, a change of location away from the humdrum routine of home can certainly do wonders for your libido!

It would be a shame not to make the most of this special occasion with a little extra fun. However, you might also be conscious about packing light and discreet products which won’t draw a curious crowd at the airport security gate, and don’t take up too much valuable luggage space.

One thing to bear in mind is that in certain countries, sex toys are illegal because they are classed as pornographic material. The Maldives, a popular destination for newlyweds, has a ban on sex toys for example, as do some Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Malaysia, India, Thailand and Vietnam also prohibit most sex toys.

Even if you are travelling to a destination with no outright ban, sex toys which could be classed as offensive weapons may still lead to delays at airport security. Therefore, it’s best to avoid large metal dildos or vibrators. BDSM kit may also be confiscated, especially if it is in your hand luggage.

Of course, no one has the right to shame and blame you for taking any kind of sex toy on holiday, but some people understandably prefer to pack small discreet items with quiet motors. Here’s a guide to some travel-friendly little gems to take with you.


Love rings

Also known as cock rings, these sit at the base of the penis to keep an erection going for longer. Some rings also vibrate for extra stimulation, or have bullet attachments for use with a partner. Small and great fun, this is the ultimate holiday love gadget!


Love eggs

Love eggs can be used with a remote-control vibrator for external stimulation, and are must-have little gems to pack in your case. Look for ones with a travel lock to avoid them inadvertently starting up in your luggage mid-flight!


Air pulsator toys

These are designed to be held comfortably in the hand, and are small rechargeable devices that pack a powerful sonic punch. A perfect inconspicuous item that will keep you very happy all holiday.


Kegel balls

These are basically glass or silicone balls attached to a retrieval cord, and won’t raise anyone’s eyebrows because they don’t scream sex toy. In fact, many women are advised to use them for medical reasons, to help strengthen the pelvic floor after child birth. A strong pelvic floor can also lead to more pleasurable sex with a partner.

Kegel balls can be used internally for sexual stimulation. They have no motor so you don’t have to worry about them going off in your hand luggage, or keeping the people in the next room awake at night. If discretion is your top priority, you can’t do better than this.

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