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Top Tips For Better Casual Sex

Casual hookups can be a great way to understand what you want, explore your desires and have fantastic sex with a partner who wants what you want.

A major question that has been asked is why fewer young adults are having casual sex, notwithstanding the last 18 months and their effect on all of our social lives.

One of the great lies regarding great sex is that outside of a relationship you can’t have fulfilling, quiveringly good sex, which is simply not the case.

You can have a wonderful, fulfilling, safe and orgasmic time whether you want a partner or not, but to get there, there are some important tips you need to follow.


Get To Know Yourself Very Well

With casual sex, communication is even more important, as you both need to convey to each other what you need and may not get another chance to explore each other.

Buy a vibrator, or use your fingers to explore your body and how you react to different touches. That way you know what you really want and can help guide your partner there, and know what boundaries you want to set for yourself.


Say What You Want And Listen To Them Too

One of the most liberating aspects of casual sex and why some people prefer it to a relationship is that there is no need necessarily to be coy about what you want. You’re both there to have a great time after all.

This does not just involve communicating your boundaries and being receptive to hear theirs.

This is vital for all casual sex but even more so if you are planning on exploring a kink casually.

Many people who practice BDSM go so far as to draft contracts detailing every single possible limit, because it is not only ethically the right way to ensure everyone is enthusiastically consenting, but in some cases is the law as well.


Don’t Treat It Like A Relationship

Casual sex is no-strings-attached, but that can be harder for some people than others, especially if your hookup is more than just a one night stand.

It is far too easy, especially as a casual relationship progresses, to make it a bit weird by getting more personal and crossing an emotional boundary. If you feel that is starting to happen after your second romp, it’s time to talk about whether you are now a couple or not.

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