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Tips To Future-Proof Your Sex Life

A recent survey found that a significant proportion of people in the UK didn’t begin to enjoy sex until they were over the age of 35. This may be a surprise to some, given that the libido tends to peak in the 20s. However, most people tend to feel more comfortable in their own skin as they get older, and that is an easy route to feeling sexy and confident in bed.

Until recently, there has been a youthful bias when it comes to discussing how to improve your sex life, but what about as we get older? There is no reason to miss out on the joy and intimacy of sex, and getting into some positive habits now could set you up for a pleasurable sex life for years to come.

Use the power of sex toys

Sex toys are a brilliant way to help revive a flagging libido, if you want to put a bit of lust back into your love life. If you have never used a sex toy before, start with something non-intimidating. Women may benefit from using a pink vibrator which is designed for external stimulation of the clitoris, for example.

Wand vibrators or bullet vibrators are a good choice for a first motorised sex toy. Wand vibrators are usually more powerful than smaller bullet vibrators, so think about what intensity of stimulation you would like. 

Wand vibrators are also great general-purpose massage tools, so you can use them with a partner to unlock those tight muscles after a hard day at work as well. When you use it for the first time, start off on the lowest setting and get used to the feeling of it on your erogenous zones—you will soon work out what level of pressure you need.

For men, cock rings are a really useful toy to help maintain an erection during sex. It sits at the base of the penis, and applies gentle pressure to restrict the blood flow, causing the erection to be stronger and longer lasting. They are made of soft silicone, and shouldn’t cause any discomfort if they are used correctly. 

Don’t leave out the lube

It is recommended to use lube to aid sexual activity no matter what age you are, because it eases friction and reduces the risk of tearing delicate areas of skin. However, it is especially important as you get older, because the body produces less natural lubricant during sex.

Go for a water-based formula rather than an oil one, because it is lighter and easier to wash off than oil-based ones. Make applying it a part of your foreplay routine with your partner, and take your time, until you really feel revved up and ready for more.

If you really want to spice things up a bit more, you could experiment with flavoured lubes which are safe to lick off your partner’s body. Emphasising the senses during sex, such as smell, touch, taste, and sound can be a great way to help you get into the relaxed and sensual state that makes for great sex, no matter what your age.  

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