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The Best Ways To Talk About Sex

Everyone is different when it comes to sex, whether it is in their mindset, how they want to talk about or what they want to do under the sheets.

Some people are far more open with others and want to take the lead in bed, whilst others prefer to be taken where the mood takes them.

However, whilst some people prefer talking about sex more than others, being able to communicate what you want is vitally important to ensuring sexual compatibility and that everyone is left satisfied.

Here are some top tips it’s time to turn up TLC and talk about sex.


Know How Your Partner Likes To Talk About Sex

Some people are far more comfortable when it comes to sexual matters than others and so it is important that when you talk about your relationship you do it in a way that makes them comfortable, otherwise they may not get the message or not want to talk about it again.

Try to ease into the topic at first, unless you know that they are comfortable talking about preferences.


Asking About Kinks Is Great

Most people have at least one kink or fetish but are unsure about how to bring it up to their partner. Ultimately the best policy is honesty.

If you like toy play, for example, ask whether they would want to bring them into the bedroom before you buy a vibrator. You might be surprised that they want it too, but if they do not seem into it, respect their wishes.

Asking questions and answering the questions of your partner not only helps you know where the boundaries are but also helps you learn more about yourself and your own body.


Trust Your Instinct

If you are in a relationship or having a fling, the golden rule is to trust yourself, body and mind. If something doesn’t quite feel right, flag that up with your partner, as you should never be forced to feel uncomfortable during sex.

Conversely, if you have a vivid fantasy about a position you want to try or a fetish you want to indulge, so long as your partner is comfortable with it, it is absolutely worth trying, as you can learn a lot about yourself.


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