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How To Make Sex Last For As Long As You Want

How long should sex last? This is an impossible question to answer. For some, a short but incredibly satisfying burst is enough, but for others they want intercourse to last all night, in some cases literally.

According to not exactly sexy statistics, the average time for penetrative sex is between three and seven minutes, with less than that being considered too short and anything more than that being too long.

This does not factor in foreplay, which is a huge part of sex, and many people who are worried about not lasting long enough forget about the half-hour of teasing and play that came beforehand.

However, if you are worried about sex not lasting long enough or lasting too long, here are some ways to help sex last the right amount of time.

  1. Masturbate

If you want sex to last longer, the easiest way is to buy a vibrator online and touch yourself. Before you orgasm the first time you can often be more sensitive which means it takes far less to get you over the edge.

Once you have had one session, try some more foreplay and take advantage of the afterglow to enjoy another, longer session.

  1. Try Edging

Orgasms can be controlled a little more than you may think and edging is all about stopping an orgasm just before it happens.

For men, this is achieved by either a sudden stop right on the peak of orgasm, or even simply squeezing the base of the penis (but not too hard) to literally stop the ejaculation.

Penis rings work in a similar way and can be a better solution if this is always an issue.

  1. Communicate

Let your partner know where you are and what you want, and listen to what they want. This can help the pair of you help each other to orgasm quicker.

If you want to last longer, let your partner know when you are on the edge, so they can stop and make that orgasm just a little more mind-melting.

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