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How Playing Hot And Cold Can Supercharge Sex

If you and your partner enjoy getting creative with your sex life, maybe using a BDSM kit or role play to spice things up, then you will definitely be interested in ‘temperature play.’ It’s all about heightening your erotic sensations by using hot and cold temperatures to give you that extra edge. Here’s some tips about how to give it a try.

Even if you are not generally into the kinkier side of sex, temperature play is a fun and non-intimidating way to add a bit of variety to your bedroom routine. It is in no way about scaring or putting your partner in danger, so always discuss what you are going to do beforehand, and have a safe word ready in case things go too far.

One of the best things about temperature play is that it lets you concentrate on the sensual build up to sex, and to really focus on your partner’s body and their sexual response. The shared intimate experience will strengthen your bond, and this is all good news for your relationship both in and out of the bedroom.


Ice cold tips

One of the simplest techniques is to take an ice cube in your hand or mouth, and use it to rub on the erogenous zones, such as the nipples or genital area. The icy tingle should feel shockingly pleasant. Alternatively, you could use chilled glass or metal objects or sex toys, or a towel that has been chilled in the freezer, to rub on the skin.

You could also use chilled foods, such as strawberries or ice cream, to run over your partner’s skin. Follow it up with a warm sensation with your tongue or hands, as mixing up cold and warm sensations together can feel super stimulating.

A more extreme technique is to immerse yourself or your partner in a very cold bath, and gradually tease them back to warmth!


Red hot tips

One of the most well-known tricks is to let melted candle wax drip onto your partner’s body. However, it’s important not to use a regular candle, as the wax will be far too hot, and may cause burns. Instead, buy non-paraffin candles which are made from body-safe oils (check the manufacturers info), and let the wax cool a little first.

Melted foods, such as honey and chocolate, can be used if you want to bring some taste into the mix. You can also use the warmed wax from a massage candle to give your partner a sexy rub down, and enjoy the sensual fragrance at the same time.

If you want to turn up the heat even more, you could experiment with blindfolds so that your partner is kept in the dark about what’s about to happen, and they will be tingling with anticipation.

Some people find that literally getting themselves hot and steamy, by having a hot bath, or getting a sweat on by turning up the heat, makes for a smoking hot sex session.

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