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Got The January Blues? Try Masturbation!

A sex expert has suggested that maintaining a strict daily masturbation regime will help battle the new year blues, and has offered advice to help make Dry January a little wetter!

In an interview with the New York Post, clinical sexologist Ness Cooper has encouraged people to enjoy a little self-love this month, and indulge every day for the next 31 days. The idea behind the concept is that masturbation can help battle seasonal depression, particularly what is generally regarded as the most depressing month of the year.

Ness said that indulging in some onanistic pleasure can help relieve tension, and also has many mental health benefits, meaning that if you feel yourself getting down, you should go take a little private timeto go and feel yourself and boost your mood.

She said that the idea behind the 31-day masturbation marathon is to focus on spending time with yourself and get to know your body.

Sexual wellness brand plusOne conducted independent research, and back Nessclaims, that show that self-love does indeed have a myriad of benefits for both body and mind.

The companys research revealed that 64 per cent of women who regularly masturbated admitted to feeling less worried or anxious, while 70 per cent of women said they felt feelings of depression or hopelessness disappear whenever their sex schedule increased.

Ness advises that anyone who does not masturbate every day should start off using a combination of mindfulness and basic touch.

She said to get yourself into a relaxed state and be aware of the sensations running through your body.

Theres so much more to masturbation than just orgasms. I know there are people who cant orgasm due to physical reasons, and they can still later develop methods of achieving an orgasm-like sensation by either finding a new erogenous zone on their body or diving deeper into their mind, she said.

She added that women may find audio porn very helpful, as well as more traditional aids, such as sex toys and video and literary pornography.


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