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4 Great Reasons To Have A Quickie In The Morning

When we try to imagine our ideal sex scenario, it often involves a highly curated romantic setting. Candles will be lit, perfume will be worn, and champagne will be sipped. However, we all know that great sex doesn’t always happen after careful planning, and in fact spontaneous morning sex can often be the best. Here are some reasons why!


  1. It is a brilliant stress-buster

Sex releases a chemical in the body known as phenylethylamine, which acts as a neurotransmitter and is thought to improve low moods and boost concentration levels. It is known to produce the same effects as the ‘runner’s high’, and is even referred to as the ‘love molecule’ because the chemicals are associated with romantic love and bonding.


  1. Your body will be more rested and relaxed

When you wake up, your body and mind have hopefully benefitted from a good night’s sleep, and the tensions of everyday life are yet to kick in. Therefore, for some people, they feel more at ease with themselves and comfortable with sexual intimacy.  Oestrogen and testosterone levels also tend to peak in the morning, studies have found.


  1. It makes you feel happy

Great sex releases a host of feel-good hormones to help you start the day, including oxytocin, which is often referred to as the ‘cuddle hormone.’ It acts as a neurotransmitter to the brain, and it is believed to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and boost emotional responses which build trust, a sense of wellbeing, and heightens levels of self-esteem.


  1. It helps you keep fit

A moderate level of sexual activity burns off around 100 calories, and raises the heart rate and breathing. It may not be as effective as a gym workout for getting fit, but you could experiment with some new positions to help improve your flexibility!


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