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3 Natural Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

Modern lifestyles, particularly in the time of coronavirus, can take a toll your libido and leave you struggling to get in that erotic mood. Persistent problems should always be checked out by a medical professional, but if you are just looking for something to pep you up a little, there are some fun natural aphrodisiacs you can try.


  1. Eat Oysters

If you can handle your seafood, oysters have a reputation for being a powerful aphrodisiac! They are loaded with zinc, which is essential for healthy testosterone production. For men in particular, this is good news, but women also have testosterone to lower levels. Oysters are also thought to promote dopamine production, which boosts libido in all genders.


  1. Take Ginseng Supplements

This traditional Chinese herb has been used since ancient times to enhance the sex drive, and to create an overall sense of wellbeing. Scientific studies have proved that this ‘King of Herbs’ improves male sexual performance, and boosts libido in both sexes. It is available in capsule form, with a recommended dose of 200mg three times a day.


  1. Tackle Your Stress Levels

Stress is widely reported as one of the most common causes of low libido. When your body is dealing with acute stress, hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine are released, which depletes levels of sex hormones. Chronic stress also has a psychological impact, lowering your mood and dampening your erotic appetite.

To help minimise stress, cut back on unhealthy habits, such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Try and make time each day to get outdoors for a walk or run, or even just some gardening, as exercise and fresh air does wonders to clear the mind. You could also explore mindful breathing techniques, or consider therapy.

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