Meet Dr. Elesha

Dr Elesha Vooght is a sexual wellness doctor at Kandid

Meet Dr. Elesha, our in-house sexual wellness doctor here to answer your questions.

By day (or night), Dr. Elesha Vooght is an NHS junior doctor with her clinical experience spanning from gynaecology and urology to psychiatry and public health. Pleasure and its role in health is her passion in all areas of her practice.

Here at Kandid, we dare to create a world where people are comfortable talking about sexual wellbeing. Dr. Elesha is on hand to offer advice all things sexual wellness or answer your questions or concerns directly.

To submit a question to Dr. Elesha, please click the link below. She will be in touch with you at the provided email address. We treat everything you say with the upmost confidence - so be assured that anything you ask will not be shared or discussed wider without your prior consent.