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What Factors Could Boost Your Libido?

We all know that our libido goes up and down throughout our lives, but have you ever thought about some of the factors that could boost your libido?

A recent article for Mind Body Green explored the various factors that have an impact on our libido, from hormones to diet. In fact, where the latter is concerned, certain foods have long been considered to have aphrodisiac properties.

However, the news provider noted that there isn’t much conclusive evidence out there to support these assertions. That said, both chocolate and cheese phenylethylamine (PEA), which is also what’s thought to be responsible for that highly pleasurable rush of hormones during sex.

Interestingly, frequent masturbation can also boost your libido. Not only that but, as naturopathic doctor and sexologist Jordin Wiggins explained, frequent masturbation also often leads to better partnered sex.

Wiggins commented: “Individuals who masturbate often know what they like and how to communicate it to their partner so, therefore, report greater satisfaction in relationships and better intimacy and sexual communication.”

Given the current situation with the pandemic, even if you have a partner, you might not be able to physically be together, which means mutual masturbation via video chats could be all you’re able to manage at the moment.

If this is how your relationship is currently playing out, take a look at our top tips for video sex. Introducing toys, whether you’re getting off virtually, solo or with a partner in person is a great way to boost your sex life.

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