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Top Tips For A Fun Sexy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is the ultimate big date of the year for couples, but how do you make it special, especially for those who have been together for a while? Sure, chocolates and flowers are nice, but these are kind of base level effort. Here are some top tips to make the occasion extra sexy this time around! 

Plan a massage session

There is nothing better than a deep relaxing massage to get you in the mood for love. You could book a professional masseuse to visit if you want that spa experience to help you chill out without having to worry about getting home. Perfect to set you up for a more private experience later on…

On the other hand, you could skip this step and plan your own erotic massage session together. Gather together some essential massage oils in sensual fragrances, or indulge in some special massage candles if you want to introduce some temperature play into the mix. 

Take your time and explore the sensual touch of each other's skin for some extended intimate foreplay. The slow build up will make the resulting sex even more satisfying.

Try a new sex toy

Instead of tired old chocolates and flowers, why not buy your partner some silicone sex toys to really put a smile on their face. There’s nothing more guaranteed to supercharge your sex life than an element of novelty! 

Studies show that only 39% of women orgasm from penetrative sex alone, so you may open up a whole new dimension to your sex life. Use vibrators to help build up the anticipation and get your partner to the very brink of excitement, when they just can’t hold back any more.

If you are in the mood for trying some kink, you could try out some light power play with blindfolds or handcuffs, which can heighten the pleasure and sense of trust between both partners. Make sure that you are both completely comfortable with the idea first and agree on a safe word in advance, so no boundaries are crossed.

Book a night in a swanky hotel

There’s nothing like being away from your everyday environment to help you really let go and concentrate fully on each other. If your budget will stretch to it, why not consider booking the day off work and travelling to a fancy hotel for the night. Enjoy a luxury spa bathroom and have an indulgent breakfast in bed the next morning. 

Watch some ethical porn

If you are a hetero couple, you may have differing views about porn. However, in recent years, there has been a huge rise in so-called ethical porn, which is often made by women, with the female gaze in mind. 

All the actors are fully consensual with what is happening on screen, and employed under fair pay and working conditions with routine health checks and so on. Most of all, they are actually convincing and look as though they are enjoying themselves!  

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