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Is This The Funniest Use For a Sex Toy Ever?

You may have heard of (or discovered) some weird and wonderful ways to use a sex toy in your time, but one Australian lady’s novel mission got her into hot water recently. The Mirror reports that 23-year-old Sarah Button conceals her late boyfriend’s ashes in a butt plug, which she wore to go through airport security recently. 

Unfortunately, the metal sex toy was detected as she passed through the security gates at an airport in the United Arab Emirates, and a rather tricky conversation ensued between Sarah and the bemused airport staff. 

Butt plugs are often used as part of an anal starter kit, which also contain prostate massagers, anal vibrators, and sometimes also anal beads, and are ideal for couples and solo people who are keen to start experimenting with anal play. They are often made from smooth silicone, but they can also be made from glass or metal.

Sex toys are safe to carry on aeroplanes, but you might want to put a travel lock on to stop them going off in your hand luggage! Also bear in mind that in certain countries, including the UAE, as Sarah discovered recently, they are classed as pornographic material, and you may be breaking the law by trying to bring them into the country. 

Sarah from Australia said: "I explained what it was but there was a lady worker in earshot of that conversation which led to some back and forth between us and the male officials did not like the vulgarity I was using to explain. They took me and my friend aside without much explanation."

She added: "An hour later a big official came and had us sign a super long foreign document and said if we went outside of the airport doors we’d go to jail. It was a long day. Moral of the story is I was very ignorant of what I had in my bag and the words I used/their values and I didn’t realise explaining a plug would like violate the person that asked about it.”

"The intention was initially a joke because he’d spent so much time in there and it was his favourite place. We lost touch for a little while and during that time he passed and unbeknownst to me he knew he was passing and had it in a box and I received it at his funeral.”

Sarah fortunately saw the funny side of the jaw dropping story, while acknowledging that she had unintentionally caused offence to people with different cultural and religious views to her own.  She shared her experience on TikTok, where so far it has had nearly 5 million views and attracted some witty comments.

It’s certainly one way to carry a loved one’s memory with you after their passing. Just remember that if you are thinking of trying this yourself, use plenty of lube and do your research about which countries have bans on sex toys before getting on a plane…

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