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How To Introduce Toys Into Your Sex Life

Over the past two years, for some of us it seems like the only relationship we’ve had is with our silicone sex toys, and whilst this season is very much a Summer (and also an Autumn and Winter we hope) of Love, our time alone has hopefully taught us a bit more about ourselves.

To that end, many people are hoping to add an extra element to their sex life, whether that is more dirty talk, lube, new positions, more eye contact, or indeed adding toys into the mix.

The latter can sometimes be intimidating, especially if your partner has never used toys before, but outside of whipping it out during a moment of passion, there are not that many wrong ways to introduce the idea to your partner.

Here are some top tips to introduce toys into your sex life


Relax About It

Long gone are the days of our sex lives being taboo, and have been replaced with wanting to experiment with someone you care about or reach another level of pleasure. It is not wrong, and it does not mean anything that is not mutually beneficial.

Simply bring it up when you’re comfortable to do so and do not make a big deal out of it.


You Do Not Need To Wait If You Don’t Want To

Different couples want to bring toys in for a range of reasons. For some, it is gender-affirming, for others it helps make climaxing easier. For example, these rather stressful times can drive down libido, as can the effects of antidepressants, making a toy very helpful.


Be Open And Considerate About It

The best sex lives are with partners who are comfortable being open and honest with each other, especially when it comes to trying anything new. Much like you would talk about anal sex or role play, you need to be willing to talk about it and make it a discussion.

Frame it around both partner’s pleasure and listen to their thoughts and concerns. Ultimately, it is all about pleasure, and if they do not seem receptive, do not force them.

If they do, let them know what toys you had in mind and go shopping, either online or heading to a store together.

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